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Tarbell details how four industries spent millions to gain billions in the rewrite of America’s tax code. Each is a case study in how money and power worked to get their way in Congress.

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There are groups across the political spectrum working to promote transparency in government. Tarbell is committed to connecting its readers with those proposals — so you can become part of the solution to problems we investigate.

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Open Secrets is the primary public database for tracking campaign funding to congressional candidates as well as lobbying activity. Find out who is filling your representatives’ pockets here.


The Sunlight Foundation fights for government transparency and is an ethics watchdog. Check it out here.


The R Street Institute is dedicated to open government, free markets and finding solutions across the political spectrum. Find out more here.


The Project on Government Oversight investigates corruption, misconduct and conflicts of interest. It started in 1981 breaking the story on outsized military spending – such as a $435 hammer. Find out more here.


The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust focuses on government transparency, open records and ethics complaints. Check it out here.

Note: Tarbell is nonpartisan. We do not endorse any of these actions. But sharing them with you is part of our commitment to helping you drive positive change. Email questions to